Fun with Google Earth:

Click on the image at left for a kmz file showing the neighborhoods of San Francisco, or open the same file in an embedded web-based google earth app here.

NOAA compilation of hot springs in the US - .kmz file opens in Google Earth to display locations of hot springs in the United States where the water temperature is above 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). Unfortunately, the number of decimal places for latitude and longitude only allowed for an accuracy to be within about 1000 feet—should be close enough to find a steaming hot spring, right? You can see that all, save one, are in the western states, Alaska and Hawaii. Click on each icon to get the temperature in Fahrenheit. For the complete set of data and an interactive map see NOAA.

Traffic - what the @$%#!? - In the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, the locals have ways of making their otherwise humdrum lives exciting; one of which can be seen here.

Frank Gehry buildings - The odd, wonderful, ugly, sublime architectural designs of Frank Gehry, American/Canadian architect, are spread out over the earth. Open this kmz file with Google Earth and explore the selection of his most conspicuous creations. You may also try the same file as displayed inside a browser window here.